ECUM Production Center is a company that, since 1997, works idealizing and organizing projects and events within the field of Culture, Tourism and Sport. It was founded by Guilherme Marques and by the manager and cultural producer Rita Cupertino, in Belo Horizonte.

Throughout the years, the company has created an identity marked by the excellency of its team workers, endorsed by the partnership with highly prominent professionals, giving emphasis to cultural productions.

Aiming at national and international competence, ECUM primes for a careful, meticulous and well-elaborated work, in order to ensure the full accomplishment and success of the conducted events.

We seek to always meet the needs of each and every project, in order to enhance the public and the guest’s involvement and enjoyment, without undermining the goal of each meeting.

While putting together creativity, dynamism and competence, we transform each event into a singular and memorable happening, verified by the high rate of participants’ satisfaction.

We express our gratitude to those who contributed to the successful trajectory of the ECUM Production Center and who were very important for the consolidation of our image and reputation: Rita Cupertino, Ana Luisa Bosco Freire, Regina Cupertino, Alexandra Vasconcelos, Vania Lucia da Silva, Richard Santana, Marcella Marques, Luciana Marques, Fernanda Ribeiro and João Passos.

Our project has been renewed and expanded, and today we have the participation of two new, enthusiastic employees: Eustáquio Guglielmelli and Akis Telemacu.


Guilherme Marques
Original Idea and Production Managing Director

Producer, cultural manager and actor. He is the managing director who conceived the International Centre for Theatre Ecum – CIT-Ecum, the Performing Arts World Meeting (ECUM) and the International Center of Research on Performing Arts Education. He is also founder and production head director of the International Theater Festival of São Paulo – MITsp. Guilherme held coordination, production and / or artistic consultancy of several national and international art festivals, including: the International Theatre Festival of Stage & Street of Belo Horizonte (FIT / BH); International Dance Festival of Belo Horizonte (FID); 1st International Graffiti Biennale of Belo Horizonte; Black Art Festival of Belo Horizonte (FAN); International Theater Festival of Mercosur (Argentina); International Theater Festival of Caracas (Venezuela); Cultural Winter of São João del Rei; Project Peoples Image; and the Performing Arts Meeting in Araxá. He was part of the Myriam Muniz Award committee and of the Petrobras Program for Culture jury. He worked as international relations for the Artistic Project in the Year of France in Brazil. Marque was curator of performing arts of the 1st Contemporary Art Showcase of Minas Gerais – in São Paulo.


Eustáquio Guglielmelli

Institutional Relations

Eustáquio Gugliemelli studied dance in Belo Horizonte with Marilene Martins on Transforma (Contemporary), with Joaquim Ribeiro (Classical) and with Marlene Silva (Afro). Together with Geraldo Vidigal they founded Tropa Mineira (Troop of Minas Gerais) – Theatre and Dance; He also works as Artistic Director for the shows of the guitarist Chico Lobo; as Dancer and researcher of the Aruanda Folkloric Group and as Assistant Producer at ECUM events.

Akis Telemacu

International Relations of Europe

Akis Telemacu studied Architecture at the NTU Athens and at ETSA Valladolid, Spain.  He got his Masters degree in Art Theory and History at the AA London. He works as an architect, curator and cultural producer, either as a freelance architect or in collaboration with various offices, such as the A.N. Tombazis, in Athens. He took part in design projects of different types and scales throughout Europe, USA and the Middle East, part of which have been awarded, exposed or published. As a curator and cultural producer he works in the field of theatre and visual arts in Europe and Brazil, where he was involved with exhibitions (i.e. Atenas e sua Acrópole, contos recíprocos – Casa do Baile BH 2014) and theatre festivals (i.e. International Theatre Festival BH 2016).  He is also a co-founder of a cultural agency, based in Cyprus.


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Based on this history, supported by the partnership of companies and institutions, we at ECUM Production Center are internationalizing our activities.



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